Hiking Safety Tips

Walking is part of our nonverbal communication, and the way we do it says a lot about us. A sad person can be noticed just by walking, just like an upset or suffocated person.

However, when we want to project a good personal image, we must walk safely to mark territory, they can trust us and look attractive.

For that reason, I am going to give you the 3 essential tips to be able to walk safely and project a correct personal image:

The Posture

When you stand still and walk, your posture must be correct to show confidence. The correct way is to make your shoulders back, straight, you could even squeeze your abdomen.

Do not slouch, because you will look exhausted and very insecure.

The View

This is a very important point, because if it is not the right one you can leave a wrong perception. It should not be down, because it shows a lot of insecurity, nor up because it shows haughtiness, or it would look very fake, and looking too confident denotes insecurity.

The gaze should be straight ahead. Once you have your shoulders back, you just have to look straight ahead, with a soft, warm and friendly look.

The Walking

This is not a runway walking class; however, when you want to demonstrate security, you should not throw your feet forward, as if you do not have control over them.

You should also not walk too upright and throw your chest forward with your arms half bent, because you would only show that you want to appear to be safe when in reality you are not.

The correct walk should be with the shoulders back, chest and feet in a straight line without seeming exaggerated, accompanied by a friendly look and if possible a smile when you see a person.