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At Public Arc Hotel Review Blog, You have everything in one: attractions, recreational areas, cafeteria and churros, open for breakfast and snacks, with delicious waffles, fritters, wheel or potato churros, hot chocolate,… the latest comes together, where the little ones they will dare with the Great Jungle and its Greedy Tiger over 10 meters high, they will jump with the Jumpings, Double Slide, Palo Loco or Jumping Beds, a lap in the new Paris Dakar Rally, catch the broom in the Witch Train , among other great variety of attractions, with the traditional: duck fishing, foosball, air hockey and more recreational.

Spring is a festive time: show your little ones how much fun you had at their age and enjoy seeing their excited faces. Relive moments, create magical memories. Guaranteed fun, of a lifetime, for the whole family!

We have lived through pandemic times, so long without attractions, so long without Fair. Don’t think about it anymore and enjoy it now all year round!