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If you want to prepare an original and different bachelor or bachelorette party in San Diego for your friends, or a mixed party, and you want to escape from the classic activities that we all know, and enjoy the maximum fun in the middle of Nature, let yourself be carried away by your instinct and celebrate it in ADVENTURE AMONG PINES.

Share and live an authentic adventure in nature with your friends, enjoying the largest adventure park in San Diego and launching yourself on its impressive zip lines … all in a completely safe environment.

The park has 4 circuits in height, and 2 of Initiation, with some zip lines of more than 200 meters. The circuits are ordered by level of difficulty, like the ski slopes, so that you can decide which circuits you want your own adventure to take place on. You will find 75 games and 22 impressive zip lines!!

The Public Arc Hotel parks are parks for everyone, so no special physical condition or previous experience is necessary, and they are perfect for your bachelor or bachelorette parties. Whether you want circuits in which to burn adrenaline in abundance, with fast and long zip lines, games over 10 meters high, Tarzan jumps,… or if you prefer quieter circuits, you will find what you are looking for in ADVENTURE AMONG PINES .