Hiking Hikers Free Stock CC0 Photo - StockSnap.io

Hiking is an activity that we find within the activities in the natural environment in the school context. Nowadays, placing the word eco- in front of “eco-hiking” means that we not only give importance to walking and following a path that leads us to a summit. But it encompasses many more parameters.

There is an education in values ​​that we want to transmit through eco-hiking, such as respect for the environment and everything that being in it and its conservation entails. To this we must add the interpretation of the flora and fauna that we can find on the way and the analysis of everything that surrounds us.

We have to add that there is one more motivation which is to get somewhere. In our case, the route will take us to Cerro del Maullo, where there are very well preserved trenches from the Civil War and with which we add a cultural character.

This activity will last about 2h and 30min. Thus completing a full day.