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Our Public Arc Hotel is located in the heart of San Diego. Through this website, we want to open our doors to the world, but with a look around us, in this unique identity of ours. We are because they were and will be because we are. With the desire to constantly innovate, but without forgetting our roots. And always with the desire to provide the best quality and service. Because every customer is a friend, we want them to feel like friends.

Special breakfasts, business lunches, catering services, snacks with friends, parties tailored to the customer’s needs and needs … And let’s not forget the Easter sandwiches. These are also ours. You will be here for us. Tell us what you need, explain your desires and desires. We will try to fulfill it as best we can.

Always at your service. On the entrance floor you will find us at the bar, and we have a spacious dining room on the ground floor.